I Love Hockey!

More to the point, I love watching my boys play hockey. Devan had a solid weekend playing a little puck scoring a game winner with 3.6 seconds left. Solid play all weekend resulted in some pretty good stats but after getting a bye as the first seed they were upset by the 5th seed. Big D played pretty good but the teasm had some serious breakdowns that resulted in the loss.

Jordan finished his redshirt year at the Abbey. Great grades were the icing on the cake. Look forward to a strong 2009 season. It's good to have him back home for a bit. He ran into some friends from the Comets and they have the itch again. I think they are looking to play a few tournaments this summer. I can't wait.


Soccer, Hockey, Life

Ok, been quite busy lately. A brief rundown of the goings on. Big J is enjoying himself at college. Practicing hard, studying hard. He's had a little playing time. Obviously not as much as he would like but it will come. He is behind 2 seniors.

Dev is really having a blast playing soccer. He is getting better by the day and gets lots of pt. I really look forward to next year, he should be quite good. He is also playing a little puck again. I am glad to see that. He is never happier than when he's in the rink. He has a tourney next month, it will be exciting to see him lace them up again.


The Abbey!

It's official, we have moved Big J into the Abbey. It was a day marked by extreme joy and extreme sadness for everybody. I guess when you are as close to your children, and they to you, it makes it hard to let go. As proud as we are about what J has accomplished, it was very hard to pack up his stuff and move him into the Abbey. It will definitely take some getting used to not having him around all the time. Football Saturdays, the daily Detroit Tiger breakdowns, and the Detroit Lions bitch sessions will now have to take place over the phone. I will really miss that part of our relationship. I guess we can't keep them little forever (as much as we'd like to). Two more years and D will be off to college also, don't even want to contemplate that right now.



Take Advantage

The dog days of summer are here. Older youth athletes have summer workouts and tryouts
for high school teams and the like. What about the younger athletes, what do they do? When my boys were young we did a lot of non-specific games. We played a lot of catch with both footballs and baseballs (hand-eye-feet coordination), played hacky sack (hand-eye-feet), wiffle ball, swimming, and good old fashioned tag. Anything to keep them up and moving. Make it fun and at the same time they will be working on a skill that will benefit them later on in their sports endeavors.

Avoid burnout, no kid can practice a single sport all year and not get tired of it. If they get burnt potential doesn't matter much. Keep it simple, keep it fun, that's what summer is for. There is plenty of time for the structure of competitive youth sports, don't forget to let them have some fun!


Back From Camp

The young one is now back from soccer camp. He is excited to play soccer again and says he learned a ton at camp. It's good to see him training hard and hitting the weights. I firmly believe that all kids need to have something, some kind of goals to keep them focused and on the right path. Devan certainly has soccer goals in mind. From talking to some of the other kids, he played very physical and was laying kids out all over the field. That's all those years of hockey coming into play.


Soccer It Is

As of today it looks like we have another soccer player. Devan is now at the Ralph Lundy Team Soccer Camp with Pinecrest High School. He has been working out with some of the kids from the team and with his big brother. He should be pretty good once he gets into the flow of things. It's been awhile since he has played for real.

Its great for him to get back into athletics after getting hosed from the baseball team. I feel he will get a fair evaluation from the soccer staff as they treated my other son very fairly.


Soccer Again!

Looks like baby huey has decided not to pursue football in the fall but rather follow the man-childs' legacy on the pitch. Devan has decided to play a bit of soccer. He should do good as he is quite fast and strong. He will need to get in a bit better shape to keep up with Coach Martin and his maniac running.

Soccer camp in July for the boy. We are excited to see how it goes. Stay tuned!



It seems Mr. Mike Ingram is on the run. As posted earlier he is wanted for child porn. Not surprised that he is on the lamb. I hope they find this creep and he gets what he deserves. Will keep everyone updated on this and Mr. Ahmed.

On a better note, I will get back to the original intent of the blog, youth sports and training. Coming soon.......