The Time Is Near!

Very soon the boy will take the field for the first time since the injury. It is a time of apprehension and anticipation. He is very ready. We are too, just nervous as hell. He has put in a lot of time and effort to make it back for The Tampa Sunbowl, and I would hate for him to have any kind of setback.

We will also be partaking in a football game. The Citrus Bowl (Capital One Bowl) in Orlando Jan.1 will be a very good game. Michigan vs Florida, should be a dandy. A good reward for another trouble free year from the boys. Good grades, work hard, stay out of trouble, that's all you can ask.


The Lengths

The lengths some schools will go to to get the championship. I believe this is a problem that is much larger than anyone wants to admit. The recruiting of high school players will only become worse as high school sports veers ever so close to the mess that is college athletics. This is not a new practice just more wide spread. Read the complete article here.