I know, I know

I know I promised to get back to the boys story. I will soon enough. It has been entirely to busy lately. The mighty Comets played in another inline tourney, taking the championship. Add another gold medal to Jordans' wall. The Sandhillls Thunder are enjoying a fine season. Undefeated and in 1st place with one game remaining. They should have a nice run at the State Cup.

Devan is gearing up for a slew of tryouts with a bit off fun mixed in. He will be playing in an iron man ice tourney. His team is the defending champs. It is a blast, a low stress weekend right before select tryouts. It will be fun.

I will get back to the story sometime this week. Stay tuned!


Back to our story-not so fast

We shall get back to our story very soon. Just got back from districts. We did manage to get a couple of days of some much needed r&r. The boys were able to watch their beloved Tigers play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Jordan hobnobbed with Sheffield and got his autograph on a ball he got during batting practice. Devan did the same with the walrus Todd Jones. Jones tossed him a ball and then signed it. It was very cool. Now its back to the grind.


it's over

It is bittersweet. The hockey season has officially ended. We beat TPH 3-1 to set up a showdown with Team Maryland for a spot in the finals. Everything started well. We were dominating, just couldn't score. As as happened all season, the wheels came off. A couple of soft goals, a few dumb mistakes, stupid penalties, and it was 7-3. Game over. This was a hard team to figure out. One game they were awesome, next terrible. On to next year.

Jordan and his club soccer team improved to 3-0 beating a strong team from the coast. His team is very good. We are looking for a very good season from them. Now we shall enjoy the next couple of days at Siesta Key. A much deserved vacation.


Sunny Florida

Well at least the weather is nice. First game of districts did not go so good. We had two breakaways in the first 2 minutes and couldn't score on either. The everblades scored on their first shot. It never got any better. Final 4-1. We now must win the remainder of our games and get a little help to get to the finals. We shall see. Devan had a strong game. He was hitting anything that moved, he was a beast. I never have to worry about him, he always brings his A-game. Time to get a tan.



It has been awhile since I have posted anything. Have been very busy with the boys. We are heading to Districts in Florida Wednesday and just finished a full weekend of hockey/soccer. I will get back to the boys story just as soon as we get back from districts. I will try to update on the goings on in Florida. So until then, later.