Its all the same!

Took the family north (back home) over Thanksgiving. Had the opportunity to watch my nephew play some basketball.

Its all the same everywhere. It doesn't matter which sport, doesn't matter which state, its all the same. Parents fretting about rankings, players fretting about rankings. Parents worrying about scouts, players worrying about scouts. The same petty nonsense here and there. Its all the same!


UM-OSU Again!

Argh! It is not a happy day. Our beloved Michigan Wolverines fell again to the nuts. Around this house, nothing is worse. It has been a trying year. Unfortunate for the Seniors (they never beat the nuts), as Hart and Henne were bitten by the injury bug. I don't think they were anywhere near 100% for the game. They both have been outstanding Michigan men and will be missed. Jake Long, it has been a pleasure watching you play, truly dominate! The rest of the seniors-Good Luck and thanks.

To Mr. Carr,

Thank You for many years of great football, excitement, and a truly classy tenure at the finest institution in the country. We wish you the best!


Dreaded This Night!

Last night was the night we all dreaded, High School Soccer Banquet Night. It was a very hard year. We tried to stay supportive of the program but to sit and listen to everything about the season, awards, all conference, all region, etc. just sucks.

All those awards were supposed to be my sons', not someone else. He trained his ass off getting ready for this season only to have it all taken away. He loves his HS team and wanted to lead them to great things.

Jordan did a great job of helping the team despite his injury. He coached the younger guys, giving them tips, and getting on them when they were lazy. For this he was recognized by his coaches and teammates, he received the coaches award. I am very proud of him. Many athletes pack it in when faced with adversity, he rose to the occasion. It has made him a stronger man.

On the rehab front it looks like he has gained back most of the muscle mass he lost due to the injury. Everything is looking good for at least a brief appearance in the Tampa Sun Bowl.


Doc Visit

Today we took a trip to Duke Sports Medicine for the monthly visit. We left with pretty good news. Jordan has been cleared to amp up the workouts. He can now run and do some agility drills outside, amp it up as much as he can handle. We are very pleased with Duke Sports Medicine and in particular Dr. Garrett and his staff. A million thank you's to them!


The Argument

My sons have this ongoing argument that gets revisited every so often. It's not a bad thing, I actually feel very lucky that they can have this argument. It usually starts when a friend asks the hypothetical question.

Who is better? Who could beat who? The exact question the other night was: "If Jordan was healthy, who would win in a game of posts, Devan or Jordan?" Well guess who got drug into this no win situation? Yeah, me.

They both plead their case. Devan and his 7 National Championships (bad coaches decisions cost them a world championship), Jordan and his National Championship and 2 World Championships. Now pressed for an answer I always side with Devan, he is the king of posts (usually when they are actually supposed to go in the net). This usually turns the argument into a "if 14 yr old Jordan played 14 yr old Devan, who would win?'.

My answer- I don't know, but it would be a heck of a game!



We have been practicing hard. Hitting in the cage, fielding at the ballpark in SP. Devan is looking more comfortable every day. He is showing the passion that he used to display in Hockey. I haven't seen it in a couple of years. He really seems to be having a blast. Tryouts in February, I think he will be more than ready.


Another day......

Another day, more college interest. It is good to be back at it. We were quite worried after the ACL tear, didn't know if the coaches would still have interest. All is well.

One thing I can tell you is I would really hate to be the teams that face the boy when he is cleared to play. He's like a bull in the china shop right know. It looks like the Tampa Sunbowl over christmas will be the target date. We are excited.

It is time to continue with our original purpose with this blog. Hope everybody is ready.



It looks like everything will turn out fine. Jordan is about a month away from returning to action. The college coaches seem to have a short memory regarding the ACL injury. They are lining up to take a shot at the wonder kid. It should be an interesting winter around here.