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I am taking a break from our story. I would like to talk about this weekend and what I witnessed. Devan was down in Charleston, SC for his weekend Team Carolina practice. Jordan and the Carolina Comets decided to play a roller tournament in Raleigh, NC. It would be the first time that they have played in months. It is getting harder and harder for the guys to get together. Even though they are all dear friends, High School and other sports take up most of their time. As much as they are dedicated to their other sports, roller hockey is their first love. The Carolina Comets is their true love.

Anyway, it's Saturday and we have a break between games. I wondered over to the indoor soccer fields to pass some time. Out on the field is two teams. The kids couldn't have been over 6 years old. I stood their mesmerized. These kids were running back and forth, jumping up and down. They were having the time of their lives. What was so amazing you ask? From the coaches to the parents, everybody was just letting these kids play. Coaches were amazing, parents were excellent. I must have watched for at least 45 minutes. All the while memories of my boys flooding into my head. At one point I actually had to wipe away a tear. Not a tear of sadness, but a tear of joy, for I too remember when it was all for fun, all for the love of the game.

It doesn't matter what you are told or what you read, at some point an elite athlete and sports gets serious. Don't get me wrong, they still play because they love to, because they want to, it's just different. The kids lose some of that innocence. It is not a bad thing, its just different. As they get better, as they move up the athletic chain, the pressure gets greater, the expectations grow, the innocence slips away. As parents and players we try to hold onto that as long as possible, grip it tight because it goes. My advice to everyone is enjoy every moment, soak it all in. This is a great time, the best times of our lives.

It did not take long for reality to set back in, the Comets next game actually. More on that later. Remember, love the game, love the players, love the moment.

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