been awhile

hey all, its been awhile. We have been very busy with the boys. Hockey, soccer, school. It has been non-stop. We have had tryouts, tournaments, games, etc. since I last posted. A quick update:

Jordan and his soccer team have made it to the state cup final four. They play next weekend and have a very good shot at winning the whole thing. He is playing at a unbelievable level right now, I believe he may just carry this team all the way to the championship. Hopefully he can continue at this level thru his soccer camps-Wingate and University of Michigan to name a couple.

Devan had a tryout for the east coast eagles Junior C team. He was one of the youngest players at the tryouts. The age cut-off is 20 yrs old. He played his heart out, but it was not meant to be yet. He had a good showing and we felt he had a legitimate chance to make the team, alas, he was cut. He was not that bummed, he knows he was pretty young for that level. He has AAA tryouts this weekend. The competition will be fierce, he will need to bring his best to make the team. I believe he will. We will keep everyone posted.

How about the Detroit teams-Pistons, Red Wings, Tigers, all playing very well. We may see a NBA championship, a Stanley Cup, and a World Series this year. How incredible would that be?

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