What an excellent end to the year that was filled with such hardship on the field. The man-child played his first soccer since the injury.

Heading to the Tampa SunBowl we were very nervous, full of anxiety, and anxious all at the same time. As parents our only hope was to get through the tournament without injury. A few minutes here and there were all we wanted. Well, everything went extremely well. Over 30 minutes a game with one game of 50 minutes. No injuries, no hesitation. Jordan and his TFC teammates played their hearts out.

Starting the tourney with three dominate wins they went into the fourth game only needing a tie to move into the playoffs. It was a very good game with us getting an early 1 goal lead. 2 minutes left in a tie match the college boys from clearwater scored a heartbreaking goal to knock us out of the tournament. Not bad for a bunch of boys still in high school playing an age group up!

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