The beginning!

We all know how it starts, your child picks up a bat, kicks a ball, or throws a pass. You think "he has it". We have all been there. I have been lucky enough that my first thoughts were right on the money. My boys "have it". I have been blessed. Not only are they great kids, they are phenomenal athletes.

Ever since they hit their first ball, threw their first pass, took their first slapshot, it was quite obvious to me and everyone around that my boys were special. They have not disappointed.
It has been quite the journey so far, and I expect it shall continue.

I hope to convey to everyone the trials and tribulations, the victories and defeats, the success, the failure we have endured through the years. Many points will be covered, from training tips to travel tips, I hope to help the parents of all athletes enjoy the journey just a bit more. I hope you enjoy!

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