Recreation argh!

I speak from past experiences when I say that recreational leagues are very tough on the good athletes. As a dad/coach of such children I witnessed first hand the jealousy and back biting that goes on in these leagues. Not from the children, from the parents. surprise, surprise. It is absolutely ridiculous how some parents act. Everybody wants their children to do well, to be the best. I am no different.

I believe it has actually gotten worse. The things I see on the news, read in the newspaper, are unbelievable. Parents attacking coaches, beating up referees, I think it has gotten much worse. We have always had the screaming parents, the out of control kids, who of course were the spawn of the screaming parents, but we didn't have the physical confrontations. The parent yelled and carried on, the kid threw his equipment and stormed off in a tantrum, but that was it. Now we have physical confrontation. It is unacceptable.

No more downers, tomorrow we check back in with Jordan and Devan and the big move! It will change everything.

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